Tom Allwright - who I am and why I paint.

After spending most of my professional life branding publishing promoting other organisations and people, I now present myself wearing my painter's hat, to show my work.

This is about re-presenting myself, from graphic designer to painter. You may read this or not, but it does help to show the person behind the canvases in my collection and the rather indistinct signature - T.W.Allwright.

I spent my early "learning years" at an Art school in Weston-Super-Mare, under the influence of its much admired principal, Warren Storey R.W.A. who had inspired my and many other students with a profound passion in the visual arts of all disciplines. What an outstanding teacher he was. From the fifteenth Century painters to Degas and the French Impressionists, the turn of the nineteenth Century and the developing Camden School. Ruskin Spear, Wilson Steer, Walter Sickert, Harold Gilman, Spencer Gore; Augustus John, Graham Sutherland Stanley Spencer, all supreme draughtsmen. There were very fine women painters also to be admired, indeed I spent sometime in the life studio under the watchful eye of Gertrude Hermes at the London Central School as was, although by this time I had a very good position in Graphic Design with an Extremely large Multi-National Company.

These were the days of National Service, I had previously joined the Royal Marines for two years - Per Mare Per Terram, great stuff, before returning to "Design".

Across the pond my dear friend John, from the Weston super Mare days had moved on from "The Central" and then graduated at "Yale". He set the bar very high and is still influential in design and art in it's many disciplines "over there".  In the States designers and artists were then influenced by the "refugees" from the Bauhaus and some taught at Yale. What a grounding John had; and he is a very accomplished painter! Those painters and designers had a profound influence upon the development of graphic design in the USA and in turn the UK. Typography being an important discipline and with no computers, designers were able to manually mark up their own type and set and paste up galleys for finished art and print.

I spent some time living in New England,  Marth's Vinyard, Massachusetts,  USA,  and at this time involved in Landscape painting in both watercolour and oils.  I sold several paintings in the USA.

I occupied a great deal of my creative life latterly involved with graphic design. My company Graficas Design is concerned with a full range of projects from Package Design, product branding, Exhibition Design, Website Design, Book Design* and publishing. The computer reigned over the brush. But, now it has to stand aside for the landscape and the brush takes precedence.

Now, I am trying to work most of my time in my "other" studio painting with oil and investigating landscape.

Having grown up in and around Wells in Somerset I have the greatest sympathy for the natural landscape and not some ethereal world of pseudo fantasy. Urban and modern media driven metropolitan life and it's relentless influences always with it's constant "look at me" demands. Brash bullying and pagan.

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